Nice People
Nice People

Nice people are people who volunteer to contribute to the site, they help out with a lot of things such as pics and reviews. A simple thank you isn't enough, so I decided to put up a page for them in their honor. =) I salute you guys!!!

Nice People

Alright a couple names go out right now, and this changes periodically....tell me if you helped and I forgot to mention you! You derserve the credits...

1. Eddie -thank you for finding that FF8 site with all the pics. Also..your weird...monkies...'nuff said.
2. Ken - so many darn good reviews. thanks! =)
3. Mark R. - Thanks for the Langrisser and FF8 cheats!!
4. Rez - Thanks for the MP3s and pics. No, you're MY
5. Ray-Well what can I say Kuya? Drunken pokemon are funny, but where exactly can I put it??? heheh i'll find a spot though....thanks again!!
6. Carol - You've helped in many ways and I can't begin to thank you!! =) Thanks for helping me put the midis on the pages, and thanks for the neato links. I found some really cool pics. And thanks for the b-day card and email greeting. I feel loved. *lol
7. Yuki (lisa okay okay lisa)-Wow! So many Mp3s!!! I have to find a way to post them! Arigato! OH yeah and thanks for teaching me how to write various words in japanese. lotsa thanks!
8. Naomi-What can I say? You're one in a million. Thanks for all the pics and helping me sort out things for this page. I'm pleased to announce a second webmaster!!! =)
9. Dark Weapon*/Ruby Weapon* - Thanks a lot for the final fantasy pic. I really appreciate them! Hope you like the site!! =)
10. BahamutZero07* - Thank you for the Record of the Lodoss Wars stuff! So many pics its making me dizzy and the second webmaster is looking at them with big eyes! Thank you. =)

11. Sean - Thanks for helping out with the HTML coding for thumbnails! Greatly appreciated, oh yeah and thanks for all the pics and stuff you volunteered. I, Min Mei, will try to fullfill your request to add in Tenchi Muyo!

12. Sushi X Jr. (aj) Thanks for the Dreamcast reviews and future reviews that you will do. Welcome to the fold webmaster three!!

13. Thank you Rob for correcting the FF8 hints. My I feel sheepish!! Thanks again!

*screen name or nickname

-Thanks a lot! =)

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